Refund and Cancellation Policy

  Once you have paid for a package, your money will not be refunded.

  Askmytown has every right to modify the terms and conditions without any notifications.

  You are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and conditions.If not, you won't be able to continue with our services.

  Incase of any anonymous calls or messages, Askmytown will not be responsible.

  If your data is found fake, we have rights to remove your company data from our listing at any time.

  Our onpne directory displays details of companies only in Oman city.

  Askmytown will monitor your data periodically for approving your plans and packages.

  Email id, address and phone number is mandatory while registering your advertisement.If not, your advertisement won't be considered.

  In Free Advertisement maximum of 4 keywords could be chosen.

  Clients may call you anytime after viewing your advertisement through our website.

  If advertisement is under any Plan, 100% of that amount should be paid onpne.

  Every data under a particular plan will be psted randomly in a category to give preference to all the customers.

  Prior Intimation should be given for any change/removal of your advertisement.

  Third party should not indulge in advertising others data.

  Advertisement can be renewed periodically.If not, the data will be moved to free listing.

  In Free listing, data will be displayed randomly.

  Renew your Plans before 1 week.We are not responsible if other listers block your keywords.

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